Popcorn Hour A200. Firmware 02-02-100128-19-POP-411 (02-01-100119-19-POP-411 Apps) (29.01.2010)

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POPCORN A200- Firmware

En el foro tenemos la descarga del firmware para el A200. Para aquellos que han tenido suerte y puede probar. Una version de prueba pero podremos descargar e instalar desde USB, aunque en linea siempre puedes hacer esto.
Dejo aqui las caracteristicas y el enlace para descargar.


Release date : 29 January 2010
Firmware version : 02-02-100128-19-POP-411-000

1. New NMT apps 02-01-100119-19-POP-411
– Retrieve DVD region and number of changes available from the hardware;
show these info in the region setting pop-up box
– Bookmark/resume support for DVD ISO/VIDEO_TS
– Max. 10 bookmarks.
– known issue, sometimes failed to resume correctly for certain clips
– Implemented simple persistfs folder
– if NMT HDD not exist, any available writable device (HDD/USB)
will be auto-detected and used.
– previous /persistfs mounting wizard removed
– Temporarly mount VideoCD/SVCD as data disc, to play the .dat
– Fixed DVD fast-forward issue; press FF->PAUSE->PLAY key, playback could not resume
– Fixed some DVD ISO files cannot resume from bookmark.
– Fixed system hang when BD-J ISO playback BDJ ISO without /persistfs (Bug #5000285)
– Fixed playback BDJ disc from internal BDROM without /persistfs connected.
– Fixed certain DVD ISO (Apocalypto.ISO) cannot resume from bookmark (Bug #5000289).
– Fixed subtitle cannot be enabled when play DVD with only single subtitle.
– Fixed audio CD info not showed
– Fixed occasional access/mount failure to disc in USB drive (Bug #5000315, #5000316)
– Workaround for CDDA issues (Bug #5000302, #5000303)
– Workaround for BD-ROM via USB support
– Performance improvement for BD ISO playback
– Added patches for audio bitstream issues
– Enabled MENU key for DVD/ISO/VIDEO_TS playback
– Added REPEAT A-B function for DVD/VIDEO_TS and CDDA
– Known to have slow response
– A-B interval of less than 2sec may have issue
– Workaround for BD audio no output after switch from HD audio to Dolby Digital/DTS
– Fixed after HDMI audio muted, DVD playback will have noise on audio output
– SimpleBD navigation feature for A-200
– Added support for ISO files.
– Fixed video skip forward about an hour when switch audio track. (Tested BEVERLY_HILLS_CHIHUAHUA)
– Fixed subtitle menu incorrect listing
– Fixed audio/subtitle persistency issue
– Fixed incorrect icon displayed when doing scene selection using menu
– Enabled MENU key for DVD/ISO/VIDEO_TS playback
– Added ANGLE switching OSD display for DVD/ISO/VIDEO_TS/BRD playback.
– Added option in SETUP page to enable or disable BD PiP
– Fixed AVCHD disc intermittent “could not play” issue.
– Fixed AVCHD shown as “BLU-RAY Video” at OSD infobar
3. Video and Audio playback
– Added Dolby DRC (Dynamic Range Control) setting
– Fixed RW/FF/Slow icon not cleared after seek
– Fileplayer bookmark/resume support (first-cut)
– Max. 10 bookmarks
– bookmark saved on STOP keypress; subsequent press (ENTER or PLAY) will resume from bookmark.
– To start from beginning, press ‘0′.
– Fixed incorrect aspect ratio (Bug #5000155)
– Fixed “actual size” aspect ratio issue when playback clips below 1080p. (Bug #5000154)
– Fixed BiDi char type table to resolved incorrect Hebrew subtitle rendering.
– Partially fixed Arabic Tashkeel character shaping issue
– Fixed subtitle size/position affected by pan/zoom.
– Modified time seek hh:mm:ss key handling.
– Fixed certain clips WMAPro audio lose output after 1-2 sec playback.
– Forced 24p source to framerate 60Hz for non-1080p TV mode
– Fixed issue where audio playback do not stop gracefully when encounter file read error
– added FLAC audio support, including multi-channel FLAC
– Fixed and restored video/audio bitrate display
– Added Vorbis/FLAC audio bitrate display
– Fixed MKV playback file cannot get audio bitstream/passthrough after resume from bookmark.
– Modified subtitle menu order and reversed time offset key direction; same as A100
– Changed tab-switching (SOURCE key) focus behaviour
– Show only ID3 album art if exist, when music playback
– Fixed incorrect ID3 genre display for certain files
– Disable bookmark for Internet/Broadcast/MSP/SayaTV video playback
– Temporarily disabled video format with psfdemux/demux for video/audio bitrate shown on infobar.
– Increased subtitle font size range.
– maintain adjusted subtitle time offset throughout playlist.
– Increased vertical position range for external text subtitle.
– Stop background slideshow before starting VOD to release free memory (Bug #5000299)
– Fixed detection conflict between FLAC, WAV and AVS video (Bug #5000287)
– Enable support for FLAC and VORBIS with 3, 4 & 5 channels
– Support Thai(codepage 874) external ext-based subtitle
– Checking of Byte Order Mark for external SRT in UTF8 (Bug #5000322)
– Fixed positioning of long/large-size text-based subtitle
– Fixed external text-based subtitle via HTTP e.g. myiHome not loaded (Bug #5000250)
– Fixed resume/bookmark issue; only seekable files can be bookmarked now
– Fix to only allow files with duration and seekable status to do time seek (LEFT/RIGHT/GOTO) (Bug #5000139)
– Fixed file certain WMV clip unable to end after LEFT/RIGHT/GOTO seek
– Fixed STEP on clip that is not steppable will terminate playback
– Fixed after trigger SEEK LEFT/RIGHT/GOTO on the infobar will show PAUSE/STOP icon then only show PLAY icon.
– Fixed hang-up when press PLAY on m3u file (Bug #5000320)
– Fixed issue regarding video zoom/scaling (Bug #5000327)
– Improvements for h264 video frame sequence calculation to handle typical h264 encoding fault
caused by non-standard ripping
– MKV chapter support, use PREV/NEXT key
– Added FLAC metadata display for music playback
– Added shuffle feature for music playlist; press REPEAT to toggle
– Added gapless playback feature for audio playback (first phase)
– only for MP3 and WAV now, and for subsequent files of same format
– cannot seek when prebuffer starts near end of file
– Fixed certain TS video clips cannot do LEFT/RIGHT/GOTO/TIME SEEK seek/resume from bookmark.
– Fixed if huge MKV chapter size causing system error.
– Fixed certain Internet radio cannot play.
– Fixed UPnP-AV (WMP11) playlist item crashes.
– embedded PGS subtitle support for M2TS files (first phase)
– Fixed PGS/M2TS subtitle rendering resolution flaw
– Enabled camcoder AVCHD type detection.
– Added gapless audio support for FLAC format.
– Support for changing subtitle encoding on-the-fly
– in subtitle menu; only for ASCII codepages (Latin1, Greek,
Cyrillic, Turkish, Vietnamese, Thai), GB2312, BIG5, Shift_JIS and UTF-8)
– Fixed missing space with italic subtitle
– Fixed PGS subtitle potential hang.
– Workaround to enable 24Hz at auto framerate sync
– Fixed gapless playback feature for small mp3 file less than 1MB
– Added album art retrieval from FLAC metadata
– Added Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation setting for video
(press Setup during video playback)
– Fixed issue where single file playback could not toggle repeat mode.
– Fixed M2TS PGS subtitle issue
– Workaround WMAPro bitstream output issue
– Added all playable formats allow for audio playlist
– Fixed incomplete FLAC metadata retrieval
– Fixed playlist sometimes does not start from correct file
– Fixed m4a song info and album art display
– Patch Colorspace algorithm (for file playback only)
– Fixed playback failure via certain HTTP server (SwissCenter)
– Disable subpicture for .VOB file play
– Fixed WAV detection that crash with MPEG1/2
– Fixed subtitle switching issue with MPEG; previously broken external subtitle on/off function
– Fixed specific ASF cannot fast forward
– Fixed subtitle CP1258 detection
– Added album art retrieval from FLAC metadata
– Added BCS (Brightness/Contrast/Saturation) on-the-fly setting during playback (press Setup)
– workaround for MKV audio lip-sync issue
– Fixed scaling/zoom/pan OSD menu unintended pop-up when playback near end of file
– Fixed STOP key cannot save the bookmark file to flash setting when scaling/zoom/pan menu is ON.
– Fixed playlist sometimes does not start from correct file
– Improved SRT subtitle parsing
– Display language code of MKV embedded subtitles
– Fixed m4a song info and album art display
– Exception handling for ID3 genre index out-of-range (7034.mp3)
4. Photo app
– Fixed an issue when setting repeat on the last photo in playlist
will show current playlist item as 0 on FIP (Bug #5000116)
– Fixed PNG image decoding causing system hang
– Fixed issues where myiHome (Mac) not focusing on photo when playback
photo with BGM and stopping photo does not stop BGM
– Enable screensaver during photo playlist pause state
– Slideshow, new photo info (ISO speed, F number and Exposure time)
5. OSD
– fixed minor OSD text wrapping issue.
– slight modification for info display during video/photo playback.
6. System/Network
– Fixed cannot eject data disc (Bug #5000064)
– Workaround for missing folder issue due to filesystem failed to identify
directory type for unknown reason with scandir (Bug #5000218)
– Fixed incorrect display resolution when boot up in auto TV mode without
connecting HDMI.
– Tweak to improve network performance.
– Fix for HDMI blackout and HDMI audio mute issue
– Added progress indicator during firmware update download
– Fixed flash driver to avoid occasional hang issue when umount particular partition
– Fixed default value; DTS:PCM, DRC:off for factory setting
– Changed “AC3″ wording to “Dolby Digital”, shifted DRC setting down to Audio section
– Fixed language tanslations
– Added Country/Region code to WiFi config setup.
– Country/Region contains channel settings for 8 regions; only for Ralink MII card.
– Fixed stuck in playback if no network up
– Fixed reboot failure (Bug #5000243)
– Fixed screensaver still kicks in at background when in standby mode
– Show harddisk and usb disk size when info button pressed
– Show file size on the UI listing
– Reverted patch which fixed screensaver kicking in at background when standby; causing (Bug #5000314)
– Resolved screensaver setting issue after restoring factory setting
– Fixed video scaling info not updated during PAUSE (Bug #5000306)
– Disallow file copy of over 4GB to FAT device (filesystem limitation)
– included kernelmode NTFS read/write driver
– Fixed configure proxy result in error page
– Fixed DVD parental setting cannot be saved
– minor update on Chinese/Japanese language pack
– Fixed HDD name not displayed
– Fixed occasional detection failure of NTFS harddisk
– New network share UI
– Turn on syabas_command_server
– Improve time for NFS (UDP/TCP) client login to non-exist/blocked shares
– Improve time for server discovery utility
– More intelligent handling of protocol type instead of .udp. default
– Torrent client HTTP wget fix
– Network share, number of allowed persistent links has been increased to 20.
– Fixed USB unmount issue
– Fixed issue of incorrect redirection when changing password in NMT Apps page
– Fixed CD status update while opening/closing
– Fixed issue where some servers were missing from the discovery
– Minor update to language pack
– Added USB keyboard hotplug handling
– Fixed incorrect harddisk status/icon display after USB slave operations
7. Browser
– New twirling icon
– New licensed font integrated
– Support dynamic loading of external js file
– New UI theme
– To display memory usage; press SLOW key
– Fixed Pause key wrongly mapped as Play/Pause key
– Fixed ‘No Disc Found’ message not shown and browser hang when accessing empty loader (Bug #5000292)
– press PLAY on non-playable item will instead play from first playable
item in the folder
– Browser user-agent missing closing bracket.
– Added “remove USB device” feature in file mode menu
– For browser to display USB mount point instead of USB name
– browser will stay busy until all images from previous page is loaded
– Fixed file operation delete/copy/newfolder/move/rename/createplaylist does not update the list in UI
– Fixed Internet radio showing image info on front panel LCD
– Fixed SD mode media source listing issue, broken in previous RC release
– Fixed HTTP mime type overwritten issue
8. WiFi
– Integrated WIFI driver for Realtek USB RTL8192
– Turn on Ethernet LNK LED when link to 100baseT as well.
– Fixed connection failure if disable SSID broadcast at router and key in SSID manually (Bug #5000331)
– Fixed unable to play Internet radio via MSP when using WiFi (Bug #5000330)
– Fixed issue where empty entry is displayed in the SSID dropdown list (Bug #5000341)
– Added in support for extended printable ASCII characters for SSID/security code input (Bug #5000345)
– Fixed soft reboot wasn’t able to reboot machine, after connection to network with wifi device(Bug #5000340)
– Check on WPA state and continue with configuration when state is WPA_COMPLETED
– Fixed improper word displayed at the wifi connection column while not able to establish connection (Bug #5000342)
– Improved IP address acquisition when using DHCP (Bug #5000339, #5000344)
9. UPnP AV
– Added image resolution support (Twonky photo bug)
– Fixed UPnP device duplication issue when server restart or host name changed
– Added .ts, .avi support (Twonky)
– Resolved photo pause-next will hang the system
– support mp2v m4a mp4 m4v.
– Resolved PlayOn “no content found” problem
– Fixed URL with parameters cannot find extension
10. Web Services
– App Center service
– Official SHOUTcast service added
– Fixed “scroll up” page handling issue.
– Fixed loading wrong saved flash info in SD mode
– Overall performance improvement, fixes for multi-language support
– Fixed PHF launch without special HTML attributes
– Shoutcast app having problem; removed for now
– Enable system font
– New Revision3 app

NMT Apps Version : 02-01-100119-19-POP-411

Release Notes:
1. Minimum firmware version to use this NMT App is 02-01-091203-19-POP-411
2. myiHomeLite
– change audio playback slideshow images
– change theme
3. BitTorrent
– New Transmission client 1.75
– Fixed parse data error causing BT page unable to show
4. FTP
– FTP server, new share path (/opt/sybhttpd/localhost.drives) to
share out all HDD and USB devices.
5. Network
– Samba improvement on read/write speed
6. UnP AV Server
– Fixed some media files not visible from 8642/8634 player
7. Change stop NZB command to fix firmware update getting black screen


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