Nuevo firmware para Popcorn Hour A400. Versión 05-04-131014-25-POP-422-000

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Ya está disponible una nueva versión del firmware para el Popcorn Hour A400. Publicada el 18 de noviembre de 2013. Se trata de la versión 05-04-131014-25-POP-422-000.

Para actulizar el firmware desde la web de CouldMedia:

Release date: 18 October 2013
Firmware version: 05-04-131014-25-POP-422-000

Minimum required Firmware to flash to this firmware: 05-01-130329-25-POP-422 STEPSTONE


1. Firmware
– Fixed playing a DVD with DD over Avr and then play any file with PCM gives just noise (on passthrough setting)
– Fixed some mkv hang when subtitle is off or turning subtitle off
– Improve m2ts seek accuracy
– Fixed simple bd wrong seek and elapsed time
– Fixed subtitle not working after changing audio track sometimes
– Fixed ass and srt subtitle wrong positioning problem
– Fixed WAV gapless doesn’t work
– Fixed certain flac no sound when playing second songs onward on current playlist
– Fixed video scaling hang
– Fixed some mkv crash at the beginning of the playback
– Pause video playback until hdmi initialization is completed to fix missing audio at the beginning (mkv, mp4, avi and ts)
– Enable subtitle change during pause and ff mode
– Improvement on video start with frameratesync enabled

2. System
– Fixed system sometimes unable to turn back on after power off
– Fixed Network drop issue reported in Forum
– Added OSD message when connect/disconnect to PC through USB Slave
– Added New Font for System and Subtitles
– Added new Homescreen with dynamic Weather background, Recently Played, Shortcut folder,….
– Added new Homescreen Setup menu
– Added personalize section
– able to set wallpaper for home and filebrowser
– able to reset to default wallpaper for home and filebrowser
– able to disable home menu items
– able to delete home Add- on
– able to delete shortcuts
– Added option to set wallpaper for filebrowser in filebrowser sidemenu
– Added option to add Shortcuts to the Homescreen or to the Shortcut Folder, from the filebrowser sidemenu
– Added change skin feature
– Updated french, german, czech, spanish, italian and hungarian language files.

3. NMJ
– Fixed scanner parse incorrect episode title during scanning multiple episodes in a single file without internet connection
– Fixed NMJ parental rating not in sync with setup, i.e. missing PG-15 & NC-17
– Fixed unable to pause music playback at music detail, setup and home page
– Fixed lost focus after select “Add to playlist” from Recently scanned
– Fixed when stopping playback and going back to listing page, remote control does not response after do quick search at list view mode
– Fixed show “undefined” on quick audio pane at Recently Scanned
– Fixed Add to queue from quick audio pane doesn’t work for “all albums from this group”
– Fixed remote control does not response after do quick search followed by pressing the Info button on the Remote at list view
– Fixed song info does not close when last item in the playlist has been removed
– Fixed song title and artist text field too long
– Added option to create a shortcut for the Jukebox
– Improve on single directory rescan

4. Apps Market
– Added option to add Shortcuts to the Homescreen or to the Shortcut Folder


NMT Apps Version : 05-01-130708-25-POP-422

– Updated nzbget to 11.0 (Thanks jhmiller and hugbug)
– new nzbget use .nzb in share folder now, .nzbget folder has no function anymore, you can delete after update the .nzbget folder on your local harddrive, take note that you need to key in all nzbget settings again
– Web Login User:nmt Pass:1234

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