Firmware Dune DB Primer 3.0 – Versión 100630_2131_beta


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Con este nuevo firmware, Dune HD, ha incluido el tan anuncioado TDT para los modelos 3.0, en este caso DB Prime 3.0. Como novedades a destacar en este nuevo firmware tenemos:

  1. Más rápido inicio / parada de vídeo y reproducción de archivos de audio (w / o de salida de vídeo reinicialización).
  2. Navegador Web (para modelos 3,0).
  3. Soporte para Aplicaciones Flash (por 3,0 los modelos).
  4. Soprote para DVB-T TV (incluyendo la grabación) (para los modelos 3.0). Es necesario el adaptador usb
  5. Grabación de Internet radio.
  6. Selección de archivos.
  7. Soporte para archivos de audio APE.
  8. Soporte para OGG / Vorbis de audio.
  9. Soporte para OGG / Vorbis audiotracks (! Externos y MKV incrustado-).
  10. Soporte para subtítulos PGS en los archivos MKV.
  11. Soporte para subtítulos VobSub en los archivos MKV.
  12. Soporte para audiotracks WMA en los archivos MKV.
  13. Soporte de subtítulos SSA / ASS ahora también en archivos externos.
  14. Shortucts a todas las carpetas y archivos en la pantalla principal.
  15. Una gran cantidad de posibilidades nuevas para dune_folder.txt.
  16. Mejora de la calidad de imagen durante la reproducción de Blu-ray (1921×1081 problema).
  17. Mejorado el soporte para salida de audio de alta calidad a través de S / PDIF y HDMI.

NOTA GRABACIONES: Para poder realizar grabaciones solo tienes que buscar canales, picha sobre el canal y pulsa la tecla play del mando a distancia. Si, he dicho la tecla paly. Tiene su razon, creo que se debe a que tiene que ser alguna tecla que tambien se encuentre en el frontal del reproductor, en este caso ha sido el play. Para parar la grabación también con la tecla play.

Para mas detalles sobre el firmware aqui dejo lo colgado en la web de Dune o desde la web de O2Media

Download: dune_firmware_bdprime3_100630_2131_beta.dff (87M) (ZIP 40M)

Changes since 100413_1555:
- Much faster start/stop of playback of video and audio files, w/o video output reinitialization.
   - NOTE: If autoframerate feature is used, video output reinitialization may still be performed.
   - NOTE: Playback of DVD/Blu-ray discs/images still requires video output reinitilization in any case.

- Added support for launching Flash applications (Flash Lite 3).
   - To launch a Flash application, just launch ".swf" file in file browser.
   - More information about Flash applications support is here.

- Added Web Browser feature.
   - The web browser is based on WebKit engine and supports HTML4, CSS, JavaScript (including DHTML and AJAX). Flash and Java are not supported.
   - Various Internet web sites can be viewed, even rather complicated ones (e.g. Google Maps is working).
   - To launch the web browser, use "Web Browser" item on the main screen or press "URL" RC button.
   - A new Setup section (Applications / Web Browser) allows to control various web browser related settings.
   - The web browser can be controlled via RC, USB mouse, USB keyboard. USB mouse/keyboard should be connected to the player before the web browser is started.
   - It is recomended to run the web browser with System Storage attached to the player (in such a case, the web browser will create and use "swap" file on the System Storage);
     the web browser can work w/o System Storage, but complicated web sites requiring a lot of memory may work worse w/o System Storage.
   - There are some limitations and issues; it is not guaranteed that all Internet web sites work or work properly; sometimes, there are some 

- Added a support for DVB-T TV (using Dune TV USB dongle). Supported features:
   - A new "DVB-T" item on the main screen (can be disabled via the setting "Setup / Applications / DVB-T / Show on main screen").
   - Scan for available frequences/channels (is started automatically when the accesses "DVB-T" item on the main screen for the first time).
   - Rescan frequences/channels: press MENU on "DVB-T" item on the main screen, choose "Scan".
   - View the list of available channels and start watching: open "DVB-T" item on the main screen, choose a channel, press PLAY.
   - Switch between DVB-T channels when watching: use MENU, P+/P-, PREV/NEXT RC buttons.
   - View EPG and other information about the current program: use INFO RC button.
   - Record the currently watched channel: press PLAY to start/stop recording (ensure there is a storage attached).
   - Background/concurrent recordings (when two Dune TV USB dongles are attached): press "C" RC button to start/stop background recording of the current channel;
     the background recording uses the second Dune TV USB dongle, and you can concurrent watch or record any other DVB-T channels using the first Dune TV USB dongle.
   - Each recording is saved into its own file inside "DVB_recordins" folder in the main storage.

- Added a possibility to record Internet radio stations (HTTP/MP3 and HTTP/AAC).
   - Recording of Internet radio works exactly the same way as recording of IPTV:
     ensure there is a storage attached, and press PLAY RC button to start/stop recording during playback.
   - Each recording is saved into its own file inside "InetRadio_recordins" folder in the main storage.

- Added a special support for watching (and also recording) network/Internet video streams which use HTTP protocol and TS format, with improved buffering approach.
   - To start watching such a video stream, launch a special "http://ts://......" URL in the player (e.g. using dune_folder.txt/media_url).
   - During watching, press PLAY to start/stop recording (ensure a storage is attached).
   - Each recording is saved into its own file inside "MTS_recordings" folder in the main storage.

- Added a possibility to sort files in the file browser.
   - Usage: press MENU, choose "Sorting", choose sorting criteria and direction, press "OK".
   - NOTE: Saving the sorting setting is not supported yet.

- Added support for APE ("monkey audio") audio files.
- Added support for OGG/Vorbis audio files.
- Added support for Vorbis audiotracks in MKV files.
- Added support for external OGG/Vorbis audiotracks.
- Added support for PGS subtitles in MKV files.
- Added support for VobSub subtitles in MKV files.
- Added support for WMA audiotracks in MKV files.
- Added support for correct playback of specific 120fps MKV files.
- Added support for external SSA/ASS subtitles (file extensions ".ssa", ".ass").
- Added support for playback of TS files with ".mod" and ".tos" extensions (used by some models of digital camcoders).
- Added support for specific TS files which were previously unsupported (audio-only files, files with certain information missing, etc).
- Added a new zoom preset for file playback: "fill screen" (convenient for watching 4:3 broadcasts with nonlinear stretching to 16:9).

- Added a possibility to put link to any folder/file/media resource directly to the main screen.
   - Requirement: system storage should be attached (it is used to store the list of links and the associated icons).
   - Usage instructions:
      - Select any folder/file/media resource in the file browser, press MENU, choose "Add to main screen" in the popup menu.
        A new item will be added to the main screen.
        If the added item has an associated custom icon, the icon will be copied and used when showing the item on the main screen.
      - To delete the added item from the main screen: choose it in the main screen, press CLEAR or choose MENU / "Delete Shortcut".

- Added support for simplified chinese, traditional chinese, and japanese characters (fonts extended).

- Added support for BIG5 and GB2312 encodings (in all places -- subtitles, playlists, etc).

- Added dune_folder.txt feature: a possibility to specify the initial playback position in the playlist for media_url pointing to a playlist.
   - Syntax:
      - media_url =
      - media_start_index =
   - NOTE: This feature is useful for implement series support in movies-collection management solutions.

- Added dune_folder.txt feature: a possibility to specify scale factor not only for the primary icon, but also for the selected icon.
   - Syntax:
      - icon_sel_scale_factor = ...
   - NOTE: This feature allows to implement the "selected icon has bigger size" effect w/o need to prepare two different icons.

- Added dune_folder.txt feature: a possibility to force "list" and "extended list" view modes for a folder.
   - Syntax:
      - use_icon_view = list
      - use_icon_view = exlist

- Added dune_folder.txt feature: a possibility to specify what to do when media_url refers to a folder: open the folder for browsing, start playback of folder content, or ask use.
   - Syntax:
      - media_action = browse|play|ask_user

- Added dune_folder.txt feature: support for showing "virtual" items on the screen.
   - The dune_folder.txt in a folder can define a list of virtual items, which are shown in addition to the files/subfolders actually residing in this folder (if any).
   - Syntax ( is the index of the virtual item: 0, 1, 2, ...):
      - item..caption = ...
      - item..media_url = ...
      - item..icon_path = ... (NOTE: HTTP links to images can be used)
      - item..<...> = ... (any other parameters affecting the look and behavior of the media item)

- Added support for working with external catalogs of resources ("virtual filesystems") in the file browser.
   - When dune_folder.txt/media_url points to a HTTP URL using  "dune_http://..." syntax instead of the normal "http://..." syntax,
     such a HTTP URL is handled by the player as a "virtual folder", which can be opened and navigated similarly to how local and NFS/SMB folders can be opened/navigated.
   - The "dune_http" HTTP URL should return dune_folder.txt describing the content of the virtual folder using the mechanism of "virtual items".
   - Each virtual item can be either a reference to a particular media resource, or a "dune_http" reference to a nested virtual subfolder.

- Extended support for VBR MP3 files (added duration detection and seek possibilities).

- Extended the lists of supported encodings for EXT2/EXT3 and NFS (added all encodings supported in other places).

- Improved detection and handling of files which have unsupported file format or can not be opened.
   - Now, when encountering such a file, the player shows a message for a several seconds before skipping the file. Fixed some other bugs with handling of unsupported file formats.

- Improved DHCP client behavior: when the player send a DHCP request, it announces it as "Dune" (instead of using an empty name).

- Improved compatibility with some Blu-ray discs.

- Improved seek performance in specific MKV files.

- Improved LPCM output over HDMI when playing TS files (some issues fixed).

- Improved zoom handling for file and DVD playback: pressing CLEAR resets zoom settings to the defaults.

- Improved online upgrade function: more robust deletion of temporarily downloaded files.

- Improved TOP MENU RC button handling: it now allows to go to the main screen also from Setup.

- Improved antialiasing algorithm used for text rendering.

- Improved file browser responsiveness and performance in specific cases.

- Included the fix for the problem with media playback/reading pausing for several seconds.

- Improved handling of low-bitrate audio (less than 32Khz) during file playback (some issues fixed).

- Improved autoframerate: allow to switch to 23.976/24p from interlaced video modes when 24/50/60 autoframerate mode is used).

- Improved Internet radio playback: implemented more robust handling of HTTP connections.

- Improved component video output (prefering "SMPTE" standard instead of "M2"; should fix the problems with bad colors when component video output is chosen in Setup).

- Improved support for output of high quality PCM audio though digital audio outputs (S/PDIF and HDMI):
   - Relaxed software limitations on the sample rate (to the level allowed by the hardware).
   - Introduced a new setting allowing to limit maximum sample rate for compatibility with particular S/PDIF cables and A/V receivers.
   - NOTE: For compatibility with all S/PDIF cables and A/V receivers, the limit is set to 48 Khz by default.

- Bugfix: in Blu-ray playback, 1921x1081 scaling was wrongly used, leading to slightly decreased picture quality.

- Bugfix: huge BD ISO could not be played properly (problem at ~40 min).

- Bugfix: network folders of different types (e.g. SMB and NFS) and having the same names did not work properly.

- Bugfix: some PCM WAV files were playing with a slight noise in the beginning.

- Bugfix: opening SMB share using guest account could not work in some cases.

- Bugfix: when reading/playing content from a SMB share, an error could occur in some rare cases.

- Bugfix: default choosing of internal audiotrack in TS files could not work (manual audio track switching could be required).

- Bugfix: external subtitles could be not available when starting file playback in specific ways (e.g. via network browser).

- Bugfix: UTF16-encoded external subtitles could be handled wrongly in specific cases.

- Bugfix: wrong information about audiocodec could be displayed when playing ASF/WMA file in specific cases.

- Bugfix: AC3 audiotracks in TS files could be decoded wrongly in specific cases.

- Bugfix: FIP button presses could cause duplicate actions in specific cases.

- Bugfix: loading invalid/corrupted user-created icon files (via dune_folder.txt) could be handled wrongly.

- Bugfix: during file playback, if specific zoom settings were used, switching to the next file in the playlist could cause wrong zoom settings/handling.

- Some menu languages added/updated.

- Various other minor fixes and improvements.

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